Jun 21, 2022

Trenton Allen


Deploying clean power starts with people, money, and culture.  And then there’s the hardware: solar panels, batteries, wind turbines, transmission lines, and charging stations.  Solving the puzzle to reverse the effects of climate change rests on making the economics of clean power work.

Every day, Trenton Allen, CEO of Sustainable Capital Advisors, and advisory board member to the U.S. Secretary of Energy, works to build a climate-resilient future through financial advisory services for sustainable infrastructure projects.  

Implementing clean power on its own won’t achieve critical mass unless the economics make sense to a wide gamut of stakeholders.  Trenton discusses industry changes in the clean energy investment marketplace, the concept of the “energy burden” and how it varies across the US, and he relays some of the energy and policy focus areas of the Biden Administration. 

Trenton also provides his perspective on the recent solar industry disruption that literally shutdown the solar marketplace for the last 3 months.

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Trenton Allen

As CEO, Trenton navigates the strategic direction of SCA while continuing to provide clients with subject-matter expertise on the ins and outs of executing sustainable infrastructure projects. Trenton’s long-standing and vast experience in the financial services industry allows him to identify the parties and partners best suited for collaboration to create a more profitable, inclusive, and climate-resilient future.

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