Our Work

Our process

Our approach is simple: we listen to you

Each engagement, large or small, is a fully customized experience designed to meet (and surpass) our client’s needs.

First, we use a process that helps us see the world through your eyes; then, we apply our experience to deliver solutions.



We work hard to know you as well or better than you know yourself in order to understand the world in which you operate.



Armed with a deep understanding of your business, we set out to compile the full range of options available to you.



With a solution in hand, we work with you on translating the whiteboard into reality.



We continually assess the status and results of your project to determine how far we are away from optimal success.



We work with you to identify the changes necessary and the best methods for refining the implementation strategy.

Inclusion is in our DNA, and it’s not just because of who we are

Our team members have consistently and continuously committed their talent, knowledge, and experience to ensure that the positive economic and environmental benefits of the climate-resilient future are available to all, especially BIPOC, low-income, and rural businesses and communities who are often under-resourced, under-served, and under-represented. Equitably expanding opportunities and participation to all is essential to building a climate resilient future.


What we do

SCA’s clients are diverse and represent the full sustainable infrastructure ecosystem. By working with the full range of participants, SCA has a unique and valuable perspective that accelerates our clients’ understanding and ability to deliver results.




Nonprofits and Foundations








Capital Providers

By design, SCA operates outside the traditional technology and financial product silos.

We actively seek opportunities to learn about new technologies and financial structures with the goal of expanding our knowledge base. Not to be the smartest team in the room but so that we can best serve our clients by expanding the toolkit available to develop the best solution to meet their need. As a result, we are just as experienced in financing megawatts (renewable energy generation) as we are negawatts (energy efficiency) and we have financed or evaluated every established and innovative financing structure or product available.

Clean Energy

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Biomass
  • Waste-to-energy
  • Hydrogen
  • Energy Storage


  • Drinking Water Management
  • Stormwater Management
  • CSO Infrastructure
  • Clean Water


  • Electric Vehicles
  • Fleet Conversions
  • Hydrogen Vehicles
  • Charging Infrastructure

Built Environment

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Microgrid
  • Resiliency
  • Net Zero Buildings

Sustainable Agriculture

  • Regenerative Agriculture

Practice Areas

SCA is a financial, research and policy advisory firm with an extensive background executing innovative and inclusive capital solutions in the sustainable infrastructure ecosystem.

Sustainable Finance
Sustainable Communities
Sustainable Innovations
Workers Installing Solar Panels On Wooden House In Nature At Sunset.

Sustainable Finance

From concept to closing, we assist our clients in the execution of financings for sustainable infrastructure projects.

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Sustainable Communities

We advise clients on optimal strategies for attracting public and private capital to sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

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Sustainable Innovations

Utilizing our first-hand market experience, we provide consulting and research solutions that accelerate the flow of capital toward climate-resilient investments.

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