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We are with you every step until we reach a successful closing

From mapping the big picture project concept to navigating the details of structuring and executing financings for sustainable projects, we assist our clients at every step to reach successful closings.

What you get

Our services include

Financial modeling

Financing tool design

Market optimization

Feasibility analysis and studies

Document review and negotiation

Financial structuring

Capital formation strategy

Risk and Credit Analysis

Valuation Analysis

Past Experience

Our Past Experience in Sustainable Finance


Affordable Community Energy Services

SCA served as a business and financial advisor to ACE in their partnership with Mercy Housing, a national nonprofit organization providing affordable and low-income housing services, to retrofit many of Mercy’s properties with energy efficiency upgrades.  SCA led outreach and engagement with over 75 capital providers to introduce ACE and the project to the stakeholders ultimately helping ACE close its inaugural project with the Reinvestment Fund. The success has been recognized as ‘one of the nation’s first examples of applying the Energy Service Company (ESCO) model to multifamily affordable housing non-profits’ by the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Initiative. 

Sustainable finance

Energy Efficiency



New York City Environmental Justice Alliance

SCA served as an advisor for NYC-EJA, and its member organizations, to support them in developing and understanding clean energy projects and project finances. SCA also conducted a workshop for member representatives to share details, and challenges, of clean energy projects in their communities. In this workshop SCA also provided an overview of solar photovoltaic terms and definitions, community solar project and financing structures, state and federal tax incentives, and financial modeling.  

Sustainable finance




Since 2015 SCA has served as a strategic financial advisor to Groundswell developing innovative finance solutions to expand low- and middle-income communities’ access to sustainable infrastructure technology and solutions. SCA aided Groundswell with developing its subscriber management function in addition to leading outreach to potential investors including commercial banks, CDFIs, foundations, private capital, and others. SCA also helped refine Groundswell’s finance structure, including the development of a financial model to evaluate project finances and cash flows.

Sustainable finance

Energy Efficiency


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